Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Cosmetic Dentistry in San Jose, CA

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are dental appliances that are used to replace missing teeth in the patient's mouth. This fixed dental prosthetic is custom-made to fit the patient and it can be used to replace one tooth or many missing teeth as well. These dental prosthetics are made up of materials such as gold, porcelain, or other materials, depending upon the needs of the patient. 

Dental Bridges are called fixed-partial dentures since they are bonded to the patient's teeth. The traditional dental bridge is made from porcelain or ceramic material. It is one of the most popular dental bridges that are offered to patients. The cantilever bridge is required in cases where the patient does not have two teeth on either side of their missing teeth. The bridges help to restore the patient's teeth, improve their bite strength, and even protect their teeth from further decay and damage.

What are the Advantages of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges offer many advantages to patients, such as:

  • They help patients to chew, talk, and bite with comfort. They strengthen the patient's jaw as well.
  • The dental bridges last for a longer period of time and do not require periodic removal for cleaning.
  • They help to save severely decayed teeth that are unable to support dental crowns.
  • They protect the teeth surrounding the gap from moving out of position. They also protect the patient's bone structure from problems like atrophy.
  • The dental bridges significantly improve the appearance of the patient's smile.

What is a Dental Crown and What are its Functions?

Bacterial decay, traumatic damage to teeth, or aging can affect the normal functioning of teeth over time. In order to protect their teeth, a patient can make use of a dental prosthetic known as dental crowns. Crowns are cap-like materials that are fitted over chipped, damaged, decayed, or fractured teeth. They have many advantages such as attachment of bridges, restoring teeth that are stained, replacing fillings, and even protecting weak teeth. Crowns can be constructed to match the color of the patient's teeth so that they blend in easily and do not affect the patient's appearance.

How is a Dental Crown Procedure Done?

The dentist first examines the patient's tooth and then develops the course of treatment. In order to fix the crown on the patients tooth, the tooth must first be filed. An impression of the tooth that has been filed is taken in order to construct the patient's dental crown. The final dental crown is constructed to fit the shape of the patient's tooth perfectly. It is then cemented to the patient's tooth and then the procedure is completed. With proper care by the patient, a good quality crown can last longer.

Dental crowns and bridges enable patients with a fuller and more beautiful smile with ease. The procedures are simple and cost-effective.

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