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We love hearing from our patients! You can read about the experiences patients have had with our dentist in San Jose, California, here on this page! You can also click the links below to leave us a review of your own. If you would like to schedule with Dr. Irma Francisco, please call 408-264-5880!

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I just love this office ! She's so eager to give in to my request. Keep it up Dr Irma !

- Maria P.

Fast and excellent service! All of the staff here are wonderful and great at communicating. The dental cleanings are through and quick. I've never had to wait more than a few minutes and so far have been here three times. They have a TV in the lobby and near the dental chair. All of the equipment is very clean and the work is quality. I really enjoy the cleanings here. My insurance really recommended her too.

- Joy T.


I absolutely hate going to the dentist, but Irma makes it so comfortable for me. She's so nice and easy going. I've been coming here for the last 2-3 years and I've never had a bad experience. I'm never going to another dental place, unless I move.

The women who work here are very friendly too. Thank you to everyone who always makes my visits awesome and relaxing! I know this can be a difficult job especially if people hate or are scared of going to the dentist.

Give this place a shot and you won't be disappointed!

- Alyssa B.

My husband had his first appointment today with Dr. Francisco and he was very happy with the experience. He said she was very friendly and personable. I will be booking my own appointment soon

- Erin M.


I recently had treatment at this clinic; I was so impressed and grateful i felt like some feedback was in order.As a traveler here in the US - I was unsure what would be the procedure if I were to need healthcare. I was really hoping the day wouldn't arrive - but it did, and I needed a crown fitting as well as a huge chip that needed attending to on my front tooth.Luckily, a good friend recommended Dr.Irma and her clinic - and so I spoke with her and asked about the possibilities of some urgent treatment. Not only was I seen to immediately, I also paid an unbelievable amount of money.All labour costs were discounted and I was only charged for the crown itself. A HUGE saving; I mean huge.The treatment was professional, swift and the staff were friendly and kind. The service went the extra mile - I even left with free toothbrushes/paste and a number to ring in case any other dental issues arose. I knew I could return if I had to.I now have a invaluable contact here in the US, and a beautiful gold crown. My smile? Well - I can't stop?!! And I smile wide when I think of Dr.Irma and her staff and the way they looked after me.The best thing about San Jose? Dr.Irma's Dental Clinic.....

- H. Y.

I have been seeing Dr. francisco since I was younger, in my teens. No mattee where I moved with my family, We had always gone to her. She is a very warm and caring doctor and has always had a great professional, but caring personality. Her office is located in the small corner of the shopping center and is small, but welcoming. The reception staff is one of the best - always willing to squeeze myself or my fiance in if I need to, and have always been great when explaining billing issues. The hours are incredible as well - they are open as late as 7 pm on business days and have great weekend hours as well!! The RDHs are fantastic. They are always quick and very sweet. Light handed and always explain procedures if you need it. Dr. Francisco is perky and fun to have as a dentist, I consider her as one of the best, as she's always been thorough but quick, and light handed, and is great at what she does. She will take her time to explain anything you need to understand and make sure you walk out confident about the service you have recieved. I miss her and her office terribly, as I am not located in the east bay and can no longer travel to san jose - but I had been for quite sometime until I found a new dentist here in Fremont. But go with Dr. Francisco - she is one of the best dentists out there!

- Patricia A.


I'm been going to Dr. Francisco for a little over two years and I've had nothing but positive experiences. I rate her as delivering the gentlest and most pain-free cleaning/filling experience out of the three dentists I've used regularly in the last 6 years. I also give her high marks for professional competence since my teeth have been doing great since I've been visiting her. No cavities in my last visit, yay

- Ted H.

Dr Francisco does really great work and is very concerned with your comfort. Shes a great Dentist but an even nicer lady. Shes been my doctor since i moved to this area in 06!

- Mike L.


My 4 children and myself have been going to Dr. Francisco for many years. We have been very happy with the service. The staff is extremely nice and they are good at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I have been through many different dentists in the past and once we found Laguna Dental Care we were happy enough to look no further. I highly recommend it!

- Marisa R.

Thanks to Dr.Irma Francisco! She did an incredible job to my teeth,I thought I would never smile again!

- MM N.


My family and I have been going to Dr. Francisco for years and have had nothing but the best dental care. I would highly recommend her as your next dentist. Great dentist and great staff!

- Jay R.

My wife and I are picky when it comes to choosing a family dentist, since we had a few really unpleasant experiences before. Well, my wife and I could never be thankful enough to a family friend who has referred her to us and this was 5 years ago. Dr. Francisco has always shown us her exemplary competency in her work and also in her work ethics. Yes, she is that good and dedicated to her profession, and I highly recommend her to anybody.

- Arnold A.


I highly recommend Dr. Francisco. I am very hesitant to go to dentists, due to past experiences of where the vast majority I have dealt with were all about the money. Not so with her. I took advantage of a promotion for a check up and cleaning. I had no complaints with my teeth but felt that a dental check up and cleaning would be a good idea to do at the end of the year. Her staff was friendly. She did the actual cleaning. I cannot remember the last time a dentist actually did the cleaning. She was very caring and said I had nothing wrong with my teeth. I will go to her again and have already highly recommended her to family and friends

- John M.

I've been going to Dr. Francisco for a really long time. She fixed all my fillings and fixed my crown that my old dentist messed up on. She was able to pull out 3 of my wisdom teeth without having to send me to a specialist and going through all that pain and ordeal. Whenever I have something wrong with my teeth she shows so much concern and squeezes me in her busy schedule to fix the issue right away so it doesn't get worse. BTW...I am so afraid of needles and she makes it so easy and painless if I do need to get a shot. Out of all the dentist I have had, she is the best! Shes caring, thoughtful, considerate and very mindful of her patients. I definitely recommend her!

- Jo C.


Dr. Francisco was great! Her staff was incredibly friendly, polite and knowledgeable. Dr. Francisco is so sweet and was very helpful in my visit. Happy to have found a dentist that I don't dread having to go see.I'm not from the San Jose area so it was quite a drive to come see her. But I have to go see a specialist and she was glad to call through her network to find someone in my area and provide me with their information while also making sure they were going to take good care of me. The personal touch was very much appreciated.

- Cat G.

My family and I have been going to Dr Francisco for over 13 years. I am terrible when it comes to dentist procedures. She is patient and keeps me laughing through the entire procedure. My family loves her and her team. We highly recommend her services.

- Nellie B.


My family has been coming here for nearly 10 years and not a single complaint. All the assistants and Irma are so nice and continue to do their best every visit. I am never disappointed. Thank you for all the past and future teeth cleanings.

- Kristen N.

Love Irma and all her employees! I've been coming here 2 years and have always been satisfied. I'm sort of a baby when it comes to the dentist but Irma has soft hands and I'm never left feeling pain or discomfort. She always asks if I'm okay and makes me feel at ease. The wait times are fast and the front desk receptionists are friendly and prompt. I'll always come back here for all my dental needs.

- Cassandra R.


Dr. Francisco has been treating my family for more than 16 years and we have never had a bad visit with her. My children have grown to see her and her staff like family and a visit to the dentist is more rewarding for them. The staff had also gown and left but the dentist always makes sure she gets friendly people. If you are looking for a dentist who is just trying to do her job and get paid this is not that kind of place. Everyone here is welcoming, enjoys their job, and enjoy the company of their patients. I gave Dr. Francisco and her staff five stars because they are committed to satisfying the patient.

- Sylvia G.

Update after dental work complete. Went in for cleaning, needed root canal, crown. Completed 1st time ever root canal, office Dr. Irma sent me to was wonderful, even had a cool technology that slipped over my tooth and protected other teeth/tongue from flopping around. See other review. First visit w Dr. Irma was fast, cleaning went well, plan of care was not explained enough for my personal needs. But after calling my dental insurance, and educating myself the few questions I had were answered by oral surgeon. After root canal, came back to Dr. Irma at did the dreaded grind down of natural tooth ugh!!!. Was in the chair about 3 hours. Dr. Irma very nice, focused on my care when she sat down. Hard visit for me emotionally. Next visit to finish up and place crown was quicker, easier and we shared some jokes and I shared my happiness for the end of the visit. Paid extra out of pocket for Zirconia material on my prosthetic crown. Heard from friend Porcelain cracks, chips and does not hold up over time. Was happy to do so for a more natural appearance, and durability. Lastly when fitting my faker tooth :-) Dr. Irma and assistant really took their time to ensure it is comfortable and stays put. Terrible to have needed a root canal, and a faker but..this new tooth possibly looks better than my original! No issues even on week three. Slight sticking of food to it but no more than real tooth. Thank you to entire staff from front to back!

- Carolyn K.


I have been a patient of Dr. Francisco since January 2011. During this time she has replaced numerous very worn out fillings, pulled a wisdom tooth and a severely damaged tooth, and fitted me for a crown after a root canal. I have been extremely pleased with all of her work and the gentle care that she has shown me as her patient.I had not seen a dentist for 26 years due to apprehension at having dental work done. My previous unpleasant experiences with dentists had left me terrified of them, until I had work done by Dr. Francisco. One of her professional strengths is insuring that I am comfortable and at ease. She gives an almost unnoticeable anesthetic injection. Her work is thorough and completed in a timely manner. Dr. Francisco begins work on my teeth and stays with me until her part of the procedure is done unlike my experiences with other dentists. Dr. Francisco’s dental technicians and office staff have always been courteous and accommodating to my needs and schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Irma Francisco to anyone seeking a skilled dentist with an outstanding dental chair side manner.

- Dimitrie M.

My daughter and I have the best customer and personal attention at Doctor's Francisco office.I highly recommend you to go and visit them

- Luz D.


Been my dentist since I was kid! My teeth look great btw

- Elsa J.

Recommend to my clients n freinds who seek better dentist!

- Marili F.


I have been a patient of Dr Irma Francisco, DDS since 2008. She's an amazing and very friendly dentist ( very opposite of hurricane Irma ) she's gentle and caring of her patient. I have been referring patients to this office and every one of them loved her. Thank you Dr. Francisco for my clean teeth and beautiful smile

- Maria W.

Excellent service! Very gentle with kids and makes it fun to visit the dentist. Highly recommended!

- Girard G.


Dr. Francisco is very good in her craft! Good assistants as well! Dr. Irma makes you feel at ease and comfortable in every procedure you are on! I will really recommend her!

- Almira A.

Dr. Irma is the very best, she also acts like my nanay

- Harry F.


I just love dr Francisco she's really friendly you could really tell that she loves to help her patients she's very passion towards her job I will highly recommend her

- Steph C.

everyone's are superfriendly & very professional

- Allan M.


I just love Dr Francisco.... she's great and very professional. She also is very family oriented and makes you feel at home. Great Dentist

- Kaleo Y.

She is a warm caring person and a great Dentist. I am very lucky to have her. I recommend her highly.

- Joan P.


Best Dentist Ever! I been with Dr. Irma for more than 3yrs now. My sister recommended her and shes been wonderful to me and my family. I'd recommend her to all my friends and coworkers. The best thing about Dr. Irma, she will take care of you like her family. Thanks Dr. Irma!!!

- Marylou T.

Dr Francisco has been my dentist all of my life and I look forward to going to the dentist because she cares for her patients' dental health and well-being!

- Valerie F.


Dr. Irma Francisco she's the best dentist,she makes me so comfortable and all her staff are very nice and friendly.I will recommend her to my family and friends

- Precy B.

I've been going to Dr. Francisco for a really long time. She fixed all my fillings and fixed my crown that my old dentist messed up on. She was able to pull out 3 of my wisdom teeth without having to send me to a specialist and going through all that pain and ordeal. Whenever I have something wrong with my teeth she shows so much concern and squeezes me in her busy schedule to fix the issue right away so it doesn't get worse. BTW...I am so afraid of needles and she makes it so easy and painless if I do need to get a shot. Out of all the dentist I have had, she is the best! Shes caring, thoughtful, considerate and very mindful of her patients. I definitelyrecommend her!

- Jo C.


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