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Tooth Colored Fillings Specialist

Irma A. Francisco, DDS

General Dentistry located in San Jose, CA

Ignored tooth decay can lead to permanent damage to your tooth, gum disease, and even tooth loss. At Irma A. Francisco, DDS Inc. in San Jose, California, the dental team examines your teeth and provides tooth-colored fillings to protect any damaged teeth. To find out if you need fillings or more extensive dentistry solutions, call or book an appointment online today.

Tooth Colored Fillings Q&A

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Teeth with decay, cracks, and cavities require dental fillings to prevent continued decaying and protect against future damage. Left untreated, cavities continue to grow larger, leading to gum disease, pain, and even tooth loss. 

Dental fillings treat cavities and decay by restoring the strength and shape of your natural tooth while maintaining the tooth’s structure. Tooth-colored dental fillings blend in nicely with your natural teeth so no one will ever know you have them. 

What material is used for tooth-colored dental fillings?

The most common material used for tooth-colored dental fillings is composite resin. The expert team at Irma A. Francisco, DDS Inc. can match the dental fillings to the color of your natural teeth, making them ideal for highly visible areas such as your front teeth. 

What should I expect during my dental fillings appointment?

Dental fillings are completed in one appointment. The team at Irma A. Francisco, DDS Inc. first removes any decay and damaged areas of your tooth. The hole is then filled with tooth-colored dental fillings and shaped to match your original tooth. 

Your dentist will trim and polish the dental filling to provide a perfect fit so you can bite normally. To ensure the filling lasts, your dentist uses a special light to harden the dental filling material.

If decay or damage to your tooth is beyond what a dental filling can fix, the team may recommend fixing your tooth with other dental restorations, such as crowns, dental implants, or bridges. 

How do I care for my tooth-colored fillings?

Tooth-colored dental fillings don’t require any special care beyond regular good oral hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily and visiting the team at Irma A. Francisco, DDS Inc. twice a year for dental cleanings will ensure the longevity of your dental fillings and overall oral health.

Because dental fillings can crack or chip, you’ll want to avoid chewing hard objects like ice or pen caps.

If one or more of your teeth has cavities or decay, tooth-colored dental fillings are a great choice for restoring their function and your oral health. Call Irma A. Francisco, DDS Inc. to schedule an appointment or book online today.